Tooth Flowers

While we were driving home from daycare, Star asked me what the Tooth Fairy did with the teeth she collected.

I said I wasn’t sure. Maybe she planted them in the ground like seeds.

“Do they grow like flowers then, with teeth on them?”

“Maybe. That seems like what you could expect from tooth seeds.”

She told me that her friend already had a tooth pillow for when she started losing her teeth.

I hope Star’s teeth are stronger than mine. I just lost a temporary crown last night and had to make an appointment for a replacement. The ground-down molar in the back of my mouth is flat and too short, and feels deeply strange whenever I touch it with my tongue. I’m afraid I’m going to crack the tooth open if I eat anything even a little hard.

I wish I could regrow my teeth or start over again.

Star woke me up this morning asking if Santa was just a person who liked to dress up like Santa. I was still tired and said, I think so. Santa is someone who loves to dress like Santa and bring joy to the world.

She seemed satisfied with that answer.